Good-bye banana streak virus

The banana streak virus (BSV) is integrated in the B genome of the plantain. So, if the plantain parents are used for breeding, the BSV genes are contained within the new variety. Recently, scientists have found a way to disable the virus in the plantain’s genome, allowing new opportunities to improve the hardy plantain and develop hybrids. Plantains are resistant … Read More

Unraveling the sweetpotato’s genetic structure to speed up breeding

CIP scientists made key contributions to a pathbreaking study of two of the sweetpotato’s nearest relatives which helps to unravel the complex genetic structure of the sweetpotato itself. Mapping the genome of these two sweetpotato relatives, led by the Boyce Thompson Institute at Cornell University, provides high-quality references for the sweetpotato. The study also resequenced 16 genotypes of sweetpotato widely … Read More

Peering into the genomes of the tricky RTB crops

Cutting-edge tools are helping shorten expensive breeding programs. New kinds of marker-assisted selection allow breeders to see the genes of plants before growing them. Across the RTB Program, breeders are using new genomics tools to enhance the breeding of tomorrow’s crops. RTB crops are especially difficult to breed. For example, potatoes, sweetpotatoes, yams and bananas have polyploidy (more than two … Read More